Our Environmental Commitment

Policy Statement

   Gold Tech Industries is committed to excellence and leadership in protecting the environment. In keeping with this policy, our objective is to reduce waste and emissions. We strive to minimize adverse impacts on the air, water, and land through pollution prevention and energy conservation. By successfully preventing pollution at its source, we can achieve cost savings, increase operation efficiencies, improve the quality of our products and services, maintain a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, and improve the environment. We will continue to strive for continuous improvement of our environmental performance. Our environmental guidelines include the following:
  • Environmental protection is everyone’s responsibility. It is valued and displays commitment to us. Preventing pollution at the source is a prime consideration in research, process design, and plant operations. We are committed to identifying and implementing pollution prevention opportunities by encouraging and involving all employees. To that end, the company will train its employees about how their actions affect the company’s environmental performance.

  • We will commit to including pollution prevention in the design of our processes and products. Technologies and methods which substitute non-hazardous materials and utilize other source reduction approaches will be given priority in addressing all environmental issues.

  • We seek to demonstrate our responsible corporate citizenship by adhering to all applicable environmental regulations. We promote cooperation and coordination between industry, government, and the public toward the shared goal of environmental protection.

Pollution Prevention - Policy Statement

   Gold Tech Industries is committed to protecting the environment. We pledge to reduce our use of toxic substances and to minimize our generation of wastes whenever feasible. Prevention at the source is the preferred alternative. When waste cannot be avoided, we are committed to recycling, treatment and disposal in ways that minimize undesirable effects on air, water and land. We support the development of the company’s Pollution Prevention Plan and are committed to implement the Plan and achieve the Plan goals. We encourage and support employee participation in preventing pollution.

Equipment and Resources

The Aerospace/Telecommunications facility utilizes some of the most current equipment available for the control of all environmental media.

Incoming water is processed through a combination of reverse osmosis, ultraviolet dis-infection and ion exchange resin prior to and during use. With this “closed-loop” system, we are able to reclaim 95% of our de-ionized water for continued use. Effluent solution is processed through two hydraulic filter presses and the resulting metal-bearing sludge is sent off-site to be recycled. Furthermore, by using a Thermal Water Evaporator, we are considered a “zero discharge” facility for the elimination of wastewater discharges.

Facility air quality is achieved through the use of two horizontal flow packed-bed fume scrubbers with a total flow capacity of 78,000 CFM.

Facility Containment

In the event of a worst-case scenario, the plating facility of Gold Tech Industries is pre-designed to contain four-times the volume of all process tanks combined. The concrete foundation of the plating rooms incorporates the use of 40-mil High Density Polyproethylene membrane liner. This planning essentially eliminates the potential contamination of soil and ground water and allows our facility to be fully contained in the event of a hazardous chemical spill.

Environmental Department

In addition, Gold Tech Industries has a full-time, on-site Environmental Department to manage and oversee all operations at the Aerospace/ Telecommunications Division.